Git is an essential tool for coding and web development

Git is a method of version control that makes the process of collaborating on projects effortless. Laurence Elsdon is a Git aficionado and utilises it in a number of ways.

  1. Synchronising and updating websites
  2. Publishing and maintaining software
  3. Team collaboration and project handover

Each website that Laurence Elsdon produces utilises a private Git repository. Changes to the backend code in the development environment can be pushed to the Git repostitory and pulled to the production website. Additionally with a flat file Content Management System such as October CMS changes made by the client in production can easily be synchronised to the development environment.

Laurence first used Git to publish VisPan back in 2011, since then he has published a number of other other applications to the open source community through GitHub.

Git can be used to maintain anything, it need not be limited to websites and applications. Laurence used GitHub to handover a complex 3d design project to a new team. The README made an ideal location to explain what each individual file did. This permitted the new team to learn the process at their own pace.

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