matterlab is a a product and innovation lab for the AEC industry. Working alongside leading organisations in the building industry, we design strategies and software for advancing workflows.

Laurence Elsdon joined matterlab as a Computational Specialist in July 2020 and has applied his architectural knowledge and sharpened his computing skills across a wide array of projects including Revit Add-ins, contributions to Dynamo, and developing automation strategies.

Working with a leading modular homes manufacturer he developed a solution to fully automate the production and dimensioning of fabrication drawings.

For a global construction contractor he developed an workflow to optimally distribute pre-cast concrete slabs within a set of complex constraints.

Following discussions with a global architectural practice he developed a Revit add-in to reduce the risk of data loss.

He’s now part of the team working on a cloud-based systems configurator that brings manufacturing logic into construction.

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