Laurence Elsdon worked as an Architectural Assistant at RHWL for his RIBA Part 1 experience.

During his year at RHWL Laurence completed a wealth of activities across a wide variety of projects touching almost all stages of the RIBA Plan of Work.

He developed five stage 1 preliminary proposals for hotels within London.

After proving is abilities Laurence was tasked to devise a residential masterplan to incorporate 70 units on a one hectare site. He presented the masterplan to his principal director and who he then collaborated with to bring the proposal to the client.

In total he assisted with 21 projects covering many architectural building programmes: residential, hotel, school and office. His tasks included: developing initial concepts; designing facades; sketching room and circulation layouts; revising plans, sections, elevations and details; devising schedules; producing sketch concepts and massing models for proposals; creating planning applications.

One of the most attractive parts of RHWL’s part 1 placement programme is for the students to complete two external design competitions as an opportunity to demonstrate their creativity, initiative and teamwork. In October 2013 Laurence entered the AC-CA Sydney Container Vacation House competition along with three other part 1 assistants. The brief was to develop a vacation home made from recycled shipping containers on a headland of Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

They entered Architect in Mission’s The Legend of Tent competition in April 2013; the brief was to develop a temporary, portable hotel that left little or no permanent impact on the site. The concept reached the second round of voting for which they were asked to produce a video presenting our project to the award panel, then in July the team members were invited to attend the award ceremony in Beijing to accept the Design Lifestyle Legend Award.

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