Laurence Elsdon has a wide range of experience across all stages of the design process in residential, commercial, and hotel projects including several listed buildings.

Alongside the traditional responsibilities of an architectural assistant, he applies his experience in both architecture and computing to explore computational and parametric methods to improve the efficiency and productivity of design workflows using Dynamo and Grasshopper within a 100% BIM environment.

For his master of architecture design thesis, he developed a detailed analysis of the Palace of Westminster, the Parliamentary Estate, and the Parliament typology which informed his proposal to relocate the House of Commons to a new build intervention on King Charles Street, Whitehall. Enabling the Palace of Westminster to be restored for a new legacy function without the urgency of the currently proposed restoration and renewal programme.

While working at RHWL Architects Laurence Elsdon and four architectural assistants were awarded the Lifestyle Legend Design Award by Architects in Mission for Nomad Experience, their entry to the Legend of Tent competition.