Laurence Elsdon took a computational approach to architecture for his master’s design project making significant use of Dynamo a visual programming addon for Revit in order to derive complex geometric structures.

While working at RHWL Architects Laurence Elsdon and four architectural assistants were awarded the Lifestyle Legend Design Award by Architects in Mission for Nomad Experience, their entry to the Legend of Tent competition.

For his master’s dissertation he developed - Graphing the City - an application to diagrammatically reduce the places of interest within a city to an identity graph. The identity graph was then analysed using graph theoretic social network analysis to quantitatively and objectively explore the commonalities and unique elements of a city’s architectural identity.

Laurence completed his Architecture BA (Hons) at Northumbria University in 2013, where he then proceeded to complete his Master of Architecture with distinction in 2017. For his Part 1 experience he worked at RHWL Architects (Now Aedas) and is now working at Feilden + Mawson as a Part 2 architectural assistant.